Elect Paul Webb to 6th District

County Commission

I am seeking election to the Williamson County Commission in the May 6, 2014 Williamson County Republican Primary election. 

Brentwood and Williamson County are great places to live. We have one of the top public education systems not only in our state but in the entire country.  It is very important to not only maintain our schools but also work to improve them.  I will work with the school board, teachers and parents to make sure public schools and education remain a priority in Williamson County.

Retiring 6th district commissioner, Arlene Cooke, has endorsed Paul's campaign to take her seat on the commission. 

I offer the residents of Williamson County's 6th District a representative with experience, integrity and an established record of service to our community.

During my service as a Brentwood City Commissioner, we did not raise the property tax but we did improve and expand the library.  We added three new parks during my service plus a dog park.  We completed Owl Creek Park, Powell Park and purchased Smith Park.  We survived the recession without reducing our services to our citizens.  We have maintained a AAA bond rating for many years and remain one of the few cities in Tennessee to have such a positive rating.  My service as Mayor and city commissioner allowed me to share Brentwood's needs and concerns with our representatives from Williamson County, our state representatives and our elected representatives in Washington.  I will continue to work with everyone in order to keep Brentwood and Williamson County as the area with top schools, outstanding opportunities and a wonderful quality of life.

Please see our "Voting Information" page for the location of polling places on Election Day, May 6, 2014.

Thank you for your vote and your support.

You may contact me at: votepaulwebb@comcast.net

Telephone:  615-370-3075